Analyzing A Classic: Lemon Water

Analyzing A Classic: Lemon Water

Lemon water has been a fitness hype for a while, and with good reason; actually, with good ‘reasons.’ For starters, drinking water with an ounce of fresh lemon juice in it can provide around 13 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C. Lemons also contain small amounts of thiamin, potassium, folate, and vitamin B6. This is only the beginning!

According to many sources, including Ntural Vitality, lemons are an excellent way to add electrolytes to our water. Squeeze a whole lemon into the warm or cool water, and you’ve got a homemade electrolyte drink. Electrolytes help our body in various ways, including keeping us hydrated.

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Stabilizes Our Appetite

Lemon water can prevent spikes in hunger and stabilize our appetite because of the soluble fiber acting as blood-sugar-balancing pectin. When you find yourself fighting food cravings, but you’re full, mix ½ a lemon, a pinch of lemon zest, and a drizzle of honey into a cup of warm water. Cravings are gone! 

Energy Boost

There are two vitamins in lemons that provide energy-boosting properties: vitamin C and B vitamins. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron. Low iron levels can cause us to feel tired and weak.

Protects Our Cells

The high levels of vitamin C present in lemons provide potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential for repairing cell damage that can lead to illness over time.

Helps With Weight Loss

Research shows us that staying hydrated is a crucial part of weight loss. We know water is hydrating, but adding lemon provides that extra boost with the electrolytes. Peak hydration levels can help stimulate our metabolism, boost effective exercise, and improve our brain's response to hunger cues. 

Aids In Digestion

Acids help break down the food we eat. The acid found in lemons is especially beneficial for supplementing stomach acid levels, which tend to decline as we age.

Helps Prevent Oxidation

The phytonutrients found in all produce, including lemons, protect out body against diseases. These phytonutrients contain powerful antioxidant properties that prevent cell damage from oxidation.

Potassium Boost

Our body cannot function without potassium. It’s necessary for transporting nutrients, blood pressure regulation, and nerve-muscle communication. Lemons contain potassium but not in large quantities.

Prevents Kidney Stones

Urinary citrates are a form of citric acid that can help prevent kidney stones. Hydration is crucial for helping prevent common kidney stones.

Lemon water isn’t something everyone enjoys drinking. There are ways to spruce up simple lemon water, like adding mint, cucumbers, and strawberries. Adding sugar isn’t the healthiest idea; honey, agave, and real maple syrup will sweeten the drink, and they add their health benefits to the equation.

You can freshly squeeze half a lemon into a cup of warm or cool water to enjoy it like that. Or, you can add slices of a whole lemon, minus the seeds, into a pitcher or container of water. Before you go to bed, toss your seeded lemon slices into the water pitcher and enjoy it in the morning.

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