Can You Waist Train On Your Period

Can You Waist Train On Your Period

That time of the month? Can you waist train on your period? We want to always come away from a training session feeling better than we did before we started, regardless of the time of the month. 

However, everyone feels differently. If you want to waist train, go for it! There's nothing to stop you from wearing your waist trainer while you're on your period. You can adjust the exercises by leaving any movements out that don't feel right for your body.

The effects we might experience include – The typical symptoms like:

  • Bloating
  • Cramping
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue 
  • Decrease in stamina and endurance

These symptoms can interfere with the quality and enjoyment of our exercise routine. Which can significantly impact our training performance. During this time, it’s best to choose lower-intensity activities that will help relieve symptoms.

Just remember, it is important to know your body. Don't continue wearing your waist trainer if you're feeling uncomfortable. It should not cause any discomfort! 

Learn how you can train your waist safely and effectively on your periods. Here’s what you need to know!

How Your Shapewear Should Fit & Feel

Waist trainers are designed to wear for as many hours of the day as you want considering your comfort and safety. For beginners, it can be uncomfortable because your body needs time to adjust to the pressure. We recommend wearing a waist trainer for 2 to 3 hours then increasing the period as time goes on. 

A waist trainer can potentially harm you if you're wearing it too tight. If not worn properly it may cause pinching, numbness, stomach pain and shortness of breath. Research says it may cause breathing problems, shifting of internal organs, can compress the nerve down from the groin and over time fracturing the ribs.

How To Stick To Waist Training

  • Stay Hydrated - The materials are intended to make you sweat more, causing you to lose inches off your waist and tummy. Adequate hydration helps your body replenish the lost fluid from sweat. 

  • Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle - It works best along with proper diet and exercise. Eating may be different, but with a few changes you will comfortably eat regularly. Exercise is more challenging! This is great for improving your performance level to achieve fitness goals.

  • Track Your Progress - Do you want to see changes in your body? You can document your weight with images. You can also add your exercises and diet.

  • Get A High Quality Waist Trainer - Good Dose takes pride in making high-quality and form-fitting shapers. The innovative design is sleek and unnoticeable. This can be worn underneath your clothing. It stays in place and does not roll up.

  • The high-quality material molds and moves naturally with your body. Perfectly designed to keep you motivated through every step of your journey.  

  • Consistency - What is said about consistency? It creates a habit! Get ready! You need to train your mind and body. 

  • Why You Should Invest In A Waist Trainer

    A waist trainer can make you feel better about yourself and your body. It will help you boost your confidence and have a positive impact on your self-esteem making you more productive and happy.

    Not only will they last you longer.. One of the best benefits you can get when buying good quality pieces is that you get to enjoy it and it saves you money! So consider it an investment!

    Tips For Buying A Waist Trainer

    • Material - A high-compression shaping garment should be comfortable and easy to wear. High quality material is the key! 

      Make sure that the material is breathable and not too tight so that it does its job efficiently while remaining comfortable.

      • Sizes - Select a waist trainer that fits you the best. Sizing is everything when it comes to wearing shapewear.
      • Compression - High-compression fabric provides control on your waist and hip area to form a well defined figure, while the backside also gives a little nice lift.

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      Searching for the right shapewear is not easy! We are here from you, and we would love to help you.

      If you have questions or need help and assistance on which product is right for you, or which size to choose you can contact Good Dose or visit their website for more information! 

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