How Sweating Helps Weight Loss

How Sweating Helps Weight Loss

Most of us believe that sweating is a sign that you’re burning more calories and losing weight. We often associate sweat with the amount of calories and losing weight. But does sweating mean you’re burning more calories? Will it help you lose weight faster? It’s easy to assume that these are related. Here’s what you need to know!

Why do we sweat? Sweating is the body’s way of regulating your body temperature. Regardless of what sweat-filled activities you take part in, which also happen when you workout. How much you sweat can be determined by different things, some of the other factors that contribute to this are genetics, weight, gender, age, fitness levels, water intake, temperature and humidity. Some people can be really sweaty even if they’re not being physically active, some people can workout for an hour and still look fresh!

Yes, sweating is also essential to our health. It can improve your circulation, release toxins to help our bodies detoxify, a protective barrier reducing bacteria on the skin -- this can benefit many skin problems like acne and more! Seek immediate medical attention if heavy sweating is accompanied by different symptoms. Excessive sweating  that is not related to exercise or any normal daily activities can be a warning sign.

Have you ever wondered how much of your body is water? The amount of water in the human body ranges from 60-75%. Temporary sweating can cause you to lose water weight. This means the amount of sweat is not an indicator of burning fat and losing weight! You’ll regain any of that lost weight once you eat and drink water. 

It is important to set your goals. Everyone's body is different, drink water and eat more veggies and protein. Of course, making small lifestyle changes and adopting healthy habits is the key to burning fat and losing weight. Adding in the proper exercise for you and your body will be essential for losing weight and building muscle. 

Losing weight can be frustrating sometimes but having the right tools to help you along the way can be beneficial. Good Dose’s waist trainer is created using high-quality material that molds and moves naturally with your body. Our waist trainers  are designed to help you lose excess weight especially in your waistline while remaining comfortable. Not only can it give the appearance of a slimmer waist but it can also help to strengthen your core and ab muscles providing the compression and posture correction you need for your fitness goals. Luckily, it may also provide postpartum support. It can help swelling and pain which are common symptoms after giving birth.  Aside from waist trainers Good Dose also offers other shapewear and more! Their products are designed for women of all body types and sizes. Yes, men can also wear them! If you have questions or need help and assistance on which product is right for you, or which size to choose you can contact Good Dose or visit their website for more information! 


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