How To Lose Weight In 2023

How To Lose Weight In 2023

It’s that time of the year again. Are you tired of weight loss tips that never work? This is the opportunity to make improvements you want to make in your life. Balance is key when it comes to a healthy weight. Get ready! 

  • Goals - It is important to set realistic goals and stay consistent. Ask yourself what you want to achieve, how you can do it AND make sure you’re ready! There’s a lot of weight loss programs and calorie controlled diets but it takes time and effort.. That means commitment!
  • Managing Stress - Stress is not good for your body, people tend to eat more making it difficult to manage weight. Remember, maintaining an ideal weight contributes to your overall health. Learn how to manage stress – You can manage stress in many healthy ways, like deep breathing exercises, meditation or pursuing a new hobby.
  • Getting Enough Sleep - Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain because leptin decreases your appetite, while ghrelin increases it. These hormones control your appetite and fullness​. Sleep is when the body conserves energy, repairs and recovers. It is recommended to sleep for 7-8 hours each day.
  • Drink More Water - Yes! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Can't tell if you need a glass of water or a snack? People always mistake thirst for hunger. So test yourself first! Drink a glass of water and wait for 15 minutes. Listen to your body. Dry mouth is a sign of thirst and an empty feeling in your stomach is a sign of hunger. Drinking 1-2 liters of water per day may help weight loss. It suppresses your appetite and boosts your metabolism.
  • Eating Mindfully - Mindful eating strategy can actually help you lose weight. Change your eating habits by: 
    • Eating slowly
    • Eating at regular timings every day
    • Start with a small portion
    • Eat your fruits and vegetables
    • Add more fiber to your diet
    • Avoid processed foods
  • Get Moving - There are lots of ways to get in shape! 30 minutes of exercise a day can help you lose weight and burn calories. Having the right tools to help you along the way can be also beneficial. 

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  • Track Your Progress - Tracking progress is essential. If you want to see changes in your body. A journal will help you keep track of the different workouts that you are performing. You  can also document your measurements and weight with images so you can see the comparison!

Making small lifestyle changes and adopting healthy habits is the key to burning fat and losing weight. Adding in – proper exercise and diet for you and your body will be essential for losing weight.

Maintaining an ideal body weight can promote health benefits and contribute to your overall wellness. Remember a healthy lifestyle should be a priority! 

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