How To Use Your Treadmill For Weight Loss

How To Use Your Treadmill  For Weight Loss

Using a treadmill for walking, jogging, or running is an excellent way to burn extra calories to lose weight. One hour of moderately intense exercise, like brisk walking, can help shed that weight you’ve been stressing about. Controlling the calories consumed can help us reach our weight loss goals faster and more efficiently.

Using Your Treadmill For Weight Loss

The tips we’re about to share will challenge your body by changing your treadmill workouts throughout the week by alternating more challenging days with more leisurely days. Of course, you can modify the schedule to suit your lifestyle, and you can also add in rest days as you need them. However, it’s best not to have more than one day of rest in a row for weight loss.

If you can’t squeeze in enough time on the treadmill, there are options to help you reach your weight loss goals. High-intensity training, longer-duration workouts at a moderate intensity, and vigorous-intensity workouts in short durations.

You can use this schedule as a basic model for your workout plan. However, you can modify and adjust it as needed to meet your abilities and schedule.

Week 1 Treadmill Plan

Day 1: Moderate-Intensity Walking WorkOut

60-minutes of a moderate-intensity workout can burn up to 300-400 calories, depending on your weight and walking speed. If you can’t find the time for a full hour, you can break it into two 30-minute sessions.

Day 2: Easy Health Walk

Day two’s cardio is a 30-minute walk at a more leisurely pace. You’ll want to aim for a heart rate of 50 to 60 percent of maximum or an RPE around 11-12. While you practice this workout, focus on your technique and walking posture.

Follow up your treadmill walk with an upper-body workout using dumbbells or exercise bands.

Day 3: Treadmill Hills

We can burn more calories per minute using the incline feature on our treadmills. Pre-programmed hill workouts are a feature on some treadmills; you’ll want to choose hill intervals or a steady climb.

Since you’ll be working harder, shoot for 45 minutes of hills, and try to get in at least 30 minutes of hill work. Your heart rate should be between 70 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate in the moderate-to-vigorous-intensity zone. 

Day 4: Moderate Health Walking

Day four consists of a 30-minute walk at a moderate pace. You should feel like you’re working, but not very hard. Your workout intensity should feel sustainable. You’ll want to keep your pace in the moderate range to preserve your energy for Frida’s intense workout.

Today’s training doesn’t stop at the treadmill. Challenge yourself with a choice core workout. You don’t have to have equipment.

Day 5: Speed Intervals

Speed intervals are short segments where you walk or run at a challenging pace, then slow down for a long stretch to catch your breath before speeding back up. 

If your treadmill features pre-programmed workouts, choose one you like. Or, you can make up your own. Shoot for 30 to 35 minutes total, with 20 to 30 minutes of intervals.

Day 6: Distance Workout

We’re aiming for a full hour or more of walking at a comfortable pace. This is the long haul. It’s an excellent opportunity to give your treadmill a break and enjoy the great outdoors.

Day 7: “Free Day”

Let your legs take the break they deserve and enjoy an active day doing what you like. Make sure to utilize warm-up stretches to loosen up. Spend some time bike riding, swimming, playing sports, hiking, or whatever activities that move you.

Week 2 Treadmill Plan

This week, you’ll repeat the treadmill plan for weight loss as last week. You can explore different workouts on your treadmill for various hills and speeds.

Week 3

You now know the basics of using a treadmill for weight loss; now, you can modify the weekly schedule to fit your lifestyle. Continue working on your posture and form.

Using a treadmill for weight loss is an excellent option. It’s even more beneficial when you eat a healthy balanced diet too.

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