Is Sugar The Enemy?

Is Sugar The Enemy?

On average, many people consume around 126 grams of sugar every day; that’s four times higher than the recommendations of nutritionists throughout the world. Consider this; one glass of a sugary soda is typically equivalent to eight spoons of sugar! 

Overconsumption and overindulgence are also a part of the problem. But, let’s stick to the topic at hand. According to an article posted on Healthline, refined sugars are added to many foods and beverages to improve the taste. These sugars are empty calories since they contain no minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, or other beneficial compounds our body needs.

There are several differences between natural and refined sugars. Natural sugar is present in food like fruits and vegetables. While refined sugars come from sugar beets and sugar cane that have been processed to extract the sugar. A step even further in the negative area of sugars is the chemically manufactured sugars like high fructose corn syrup added to so many processed and prepackaged foods.

How Is Sugar The Enemy?

Sugar has been known as a nuisance for many years. The overindulgence and overconsumption of sugar, especially refined and chemically manufactured, can be harmful. They are known to cause issues like obesity, bloating, slow metabolism, and the long-term effects can cause diabetes and hypertension.

Studies from Cornell University in NY explain that sugar is a pathway for cancer cells to grow, actively survive, and reproduce. These same studies suggest that consuming too much sugar increases cancer risk proportionally.

Regularly drinking sugar-filled soft drinks or sodas can cause the metabolism to slow down. Imagine the impact it has on a whole when considering all of the sugar, natural and refined, we consume daily. When we consume too much sugar, trying to lose weight or maintain it is a losing battle. 

Sugar Is Everywhere

One of the main struggles we face daily (aside from sugar being easy to love and so hard to leave) is that it’s everywhere. Sweet, sweet sugar is in practically all processed foods representing over 60% of the average American’s diet. It’s added to enrich the taste of food and hook us like fish: chocolate, candy, jellies, cookies, juices, soft drinks, pizza, and even sliced bread.

It’s also important to remember that some fruits contain high sugar levels, such as bananas, melons, raisins, preserved fruits, and tropical fruit. Apricots, grapefruits, and cherries are fruits with a light glycemic index, meaning their sugar content is lower.

The sweet sensation of sugary goodness is something we should all enjoy. But, it’s something to be enjoyed in moderation. Consuming too much sugar too often makes way for potential health risks. When the metabolism slows down, it can lead to obesity and diabetes; the process is slow, but the adverse effects start before you know it.

A healthy balance with everything is necessary for a healthy and balanced life. Natural sugars are more beneficial than refined and chemically processed sugar, but even they should be enjoyed in moderation. Exercise, healthy eating habits, and a balanced diet are essential for a healthy functioning system. Stock your pantry with what fuels you, not fools you!

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