The Best Fat Burning Workouts In 2023

The Best Fat Burning Workouts In 2023

Something about being in shape makes us feel good about ourselves. Body fat is essentially dormant, worsening our health in various ways. Don’t forget to stay active! 

Losing weight is a process that takes time; keeping the weight off requires us to maintain a healthy regimen. Exercising leads to a handful of benefits such as:

  • Energy Boost
  • Improve Mood
  • Promotes Good Sleep
  • Maintain Healthy Weight
  • Strengthens Immunity

When you’re ready to start a workout regimen, begin with:

  • Cardio

  • Work out for 20 to 35 minutes daily to meet the recommendations for weight loss. Exercising daily will help make your exercise routine and habits stick.

    For instance, daily exercise is probably best for you if you like shorter workouts. A healthy weight loss goal would be aiming to lose a pound or two a week. 

    Choose your favorite activities and find out how much exercise you’d need daily to lose one pound of body fat. The following includes the best calorie-burning exercises – For instance, a person who weighs 150 pounds would need to perform the activities below to lose a pound of fat: 

    • Walking 2 hours a day
    • Running: 40 minutes a day
    • Biking: 1 hour daily
    • Intense Aerobics: 1 hour a day
    • Vigorous Swimming: 40 minutes daily
    • Jumping Rope - 30 minutes per day 

    The coordination between the different muscle groups gets your blood flowing, increases your heart rate, and works so many muscles all at once.

  • Muscles & Strength Training

  • Something many people don’t realize is that adding more muscle mass allows us to reach that goal faster. Strength Training increases muscle mass and muscle strength. This doesn’t mean we have to be ripped and bulging. Tone is enough!

    Our bodies are constantly burning calories, whether active or sitting still. Someone with more muscle mass will naturally burn more calories at rest. 

    Muscles aren’t something women should be afraid of. We can simply strength train to improve our overall strength, which also improves our health and your ability to do everyday activities. Things like picking up your little one, loading the washer, loading the groceries, and mowing the grass are much easier when we strengthen our muscles.

    Losing a pound of fat through exercise alone can be difficult for some of us. For that reason, combining exercise and diet is best to reach the best calorie deficit for weight loss. Working out with Good Dose makes it 10x better and 10x more effective.  

    Good Dose waist trainers are designed to help you lose excess weight especially in your waistline while remaining comfortable. The materials are intended to make you sweat more, causing you to lose inches off your waist and tummy.

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