Getting Real: How To Overcome Weight Loss Failure

Getting Real: How To Overcome Weight Loss Failure

Many of us have decided we needed or wanted to lose weight and get in shape. The hardest part isn’t the workout itself; it’s the moments when we feel like we’ve failed that hit the hardest. Maybe we didn’t follow through or didn’t lose the desired amount of weight on schedule. 

Overcoming weight loss failure can lead to a lack of motivation, drive, and self-discipline to push through to try again. Let’s talk about how to escape and overcome this vicious cycle.

When looking in a mirror, we see a reflection of our external image; to overcome weight loss, we must look in our internal mirror. Do we see positive or negative impressions of ourselves? Can we see ourselves being physically fit and healthy?

Establish Realistic Goals

It’s essential to think about the fitness goals we want to achieve and why. Something like wanting to lose 50 pounds in three months is unrealistic. However, losing that weight in six months (with proper diet and exercise) is possible. Setting goals too high can cause us to fail because it’s something impossible or unhealthy.

Support System

It isn’t helpful to be around a person constantly offering unhealthy snacks in our faces when we’re trying to make better choices. Surrounding ourselves with people who understand and respect us enough to support our choices, why we’re making them, and leaving judgment behind is vital. You never know; someone might begin their journey alongside you.

Stay Positive

It is crucial that we shoot down any destructive and harmful thinking and direct more energy toward taking steps to reach our goals proactively. We can’t continue to think of ourselves as fat or overweight; replace those thoughts with how to get fit and take action.

Nutrition Is Our Ally

Some of us have tried to lose weight through exercise only. However, nutrition is our biggest supporter, literally. We need more than protein shakes, although they’re excellent. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.”

Focus More On Fitness, Less On Burning Calories

While burning calories can be beneficial for weight loss, it’s better to focus our exercises on building metabolism and strength. Increasing our “body confidence” and establishing a healthier lifestyle that includes active fun, a little play, challenge, and a bit of adventure.

Fitness can be fun; it doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

Look For Positive Change

It’s good to watch for any positive changes that come to fruition. However, it’s best NOT to get caught up by the scale. It’s more beneficial to pay attention to how we look, feel, and how our clothes fit. That’s progress! It feels better than looking down at numbers that seemingly judge us.

Don’t Rush It

Fitness, building healthy habits, losing weight, and getting in shape are all processes. Consider it to be more of a life shift that offers incredible rewards beyond weight loss. Throughout time changes will occur, the weight will be lost, muscle increase, and health will improve. It takes time!

We overcome weight loss by digging deeper into the real issues, making the necessary changes to improve, and taking steps to reach our fitness goals. Don’t rush the process; allow it to flow naturally, and before you know it, you’re living an improved lifestyle.

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