Hack That Weight Loss

Hack That Weight Loss

Successfully losing weight and keeping it off means we have to eat well and exercise. The critical secret, of course, is to eat less and move more. Even the most dedicated physical health buffs appreciate a few good hacks. Consider adding some of these hacks to add to your bag of tricks.

Exercise & Sweat

Sweating and exercise go together like PB&J. Working out causes our muscles to generate heat, causing our core temperature to rise. As the temperature goes up, our body signals our built-in cooling system. Burning fat and using calories is the key to weight loss, but sweating helps along the way, even if only short-term.

Slow It Down

Timed lunch breaks paved the way to fast eating from childhood. We have a limited amount of time to have our meal before returning to whatever work it is. Traveling for lunch adds another time constraint to the scenario. 

That being said, it takes about 20 minutes for our body to register how full it is or isn’t. Scarfing down our food causes us to overeat, which leads to being overweight. Eating slowly not only gives you more time to enjoy the food, but you can also lose a pound or two a month.

Use Smaller Plates

Serving sizes seem to have increased, so have the size of plates. When we see properly sized portions on a colossal plate, our eyes tell our brain that the amount of food won’t be enough. The final result is adding too much food.

A 7-inch plate is a perfect size for a balanced meal. Skip the soup bowl and grab a cereal bowl; it’s smaller. Proper portion sizes are crucial to losing weight and keeping it off. 

Stop Skipping Breakfast

Eating a healthy and balanced breakfast is what fuels us for the day. Skipping the first meal of the day can leave us feeling like we’re running on empty by noon. The lack of energy can cause us to miss leg day or a jog around the park. It becomes a vicious cycle quickly. Give your body the energy it needs to do the things it needs to do for you to get fit.

Portion Control

Big isn’t always better! The size of fast food and junk food has increased over the years. Some foods range from one extreme to the next; a fine example is a trend where people are making real food in teeny-tiny portions. The other end of the spectrum is the huge pizzas or burgers they challenge you to eat all of for a title on the wall.

Prepping meals ahead can help with portion control. Instead of grabbing the entire bag of chips to snack on, put some in a small bowl to keep you from mindlessly reaching for more. Overindulging is ok every great once in a while, but there must be balance. Any form of control stems from self-control, so do your best to keep yourself in check, and progress will ensue.

Hack that weight loss and reach your better-body goals! Believing in yourself is a massive part of making things happen. Do the thing, you can do it!

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