Sweat Band VS. Waist Trainer

Sweat Band VS. Waist Trainer

You’ve probably noticed many celebrities joining the trend. Many people think that Sweat Band and Waist Trainer are the same. There have been a lot of questions! Do you want to know their differences? Here's what you need to know!

Both sweat band and waist trainer is a shaping garment worn around the midsection. When choosing the perfect shapewear, there are several factors to consider. There are different types, designs, materials and levels of compression. You can choose a shapewear based on the area you want to enhance. Not only can it give you the appearance of a slimmer waist it also helps increase sweating and supports weight loss. This can be a perfect tool that can help you on your fitness journey. So what are their differences? 

Sweat bands are a simple wrap that you wear around your waist.  It's a perfect accessory during exercise! The materials are intended to make you sweat more, causing you to lose inches off your waist and tummy. The sweat band works to increase your heat or your body’s internal temperature and sweating while you exercise, it is designed to be put on tight around your stomach. It means that exercise is more challenging and this is great for improving your performance level to achieve fitness goals. Waist trainer is made up of a different material, it comes in different levels of compression. It is important to wear a waist trainer that fits correctly based on your waist measurement. The Good Dose Full coverage waist trainer was perfectly designed to cover your entire midsection. Our full-coverage design will cover your lower belly & back. 

Making small lifestyle changes and adopting healthy habits is the key to burning fat and losing weight. One of the healthiest ways to lose weight is proper diet and exercise but having the right tools to help you along the way can be beneficial. Good Dose takes pride in making high-quality and form-fitting shapers. High quality material is the key! All Good Dose products are made with the highest quality materials and are long-lasting. Shapewear should be comfortable and easy to wear. The innovative design of Good Dose is sleek and unnoticeable. This can be worn underneath your clothing. It stays in place and does not roll up. The high-quality material molds and moves naturally with your body. 

You can’t go wrong with Good Dose waist trainer!  It is available in sizes X Small to 7XL. Good Dose strives to make products that are True to Size & Form Fitting. We stand behind every product and guarantee a perfect fit. If your Good Dose body shaper or waist slimmer does not fit, you have the option to exchange different sizes or your money back. To get the most out of your shapewear, you’ll want to make sure that they last. It should be gently hand washed and air dried. Avoid using the washing machine. 

Perfectly designed to keep you motivated through every step of your journey. Good Dose also offers other shapewear and more! Their products are designed for women of all body types and sizes. If you have questions or need help and assistance on which product is right for you, or which size to choose you can contact Good Dose or visit their website for more information! 

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