Waist Trainer Tips You Should Know

Waist Trainer Tips You Should Know

If you’re interested in improving your waist training regimen. Here’s some tips on how you can achieve optimal results! 

  • Tip #1 Get A High Quality Waist Trainer - Good Dose Shapewear is made using the highest quality materials so that it does its job efficiently while remaining comfortable. Not only will they last you longer.. One of the best benefits you can get when buying good quality pieces is that you get to enjoy it and it saves you money! So consider it an investment!  
  • Tip #2 Find The Right Size - It is very important to wear a waist trainer that fits correctly based on your waist measurement. Whatever style you go for, sizing is everything when it comes to wearing shapewear.
  • Tip #3 Know How To Start Waist Training - Waist trainers can be confusing to put on if you’ve never tried them before. So before starting any waist training regimen, it's important to know how to wear a waist trainer correctly! Often, waist trainers feature hooks, zippers, lacing and velcro, or other different fastener closures that hold the trainer tightly in place. Don't continue wearing your waist trainer if you're feeling uncomfortable

Waist training is most effective depending on how dedicated you are to your waist training regimen. You can wear a waist trainer for at least eight (8) to ten (10) hours a day, everyday! For beginners you can begin wearing a waist trainer with a looser fit for two (2) to three (3) hours and increasing the period as time goes on.  You can repeat this several times over the first several days of breaking in your trainer.

  • Tip #4 Choose The Right Style - Shapewear are amazing for so many reasons! Over time, when worn consistently it can permanently shape and enhance your body! There are a variety of options for body shapers! Look for an easy to wear shapers for both coverage and full support with a little added lift. 
  • Tip #5 Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle - Waist training can help you stay motivated with a healthy lifestyle. It works best along with proper diet and exercise. 

Eating may be different, but with a few changes you will comfortably eat regularly. You should also consider tracking your water intake. Why? Waist training causes you to lose a lot of water so it is important for you to stay hydrated throughout the day. Adequate hydration helps your body replenish the lost fluid from sweat. 

Waist trainer is a perfect accessory during exercise! The materials are intended to make you sweat more, causing you to lose inches off your waist and tummy.  It means that exercise is more challenging and this is great for improving your performance level to achieve fitness goals. 

  • Tip #6 Track Your Progress - If you want to see changes in your body, here’s how to do it right! Tracking progress is essential. A journal will help you keep track of the different workouts that you are performing. You  can also document your measurements and weight with images so you can see the comparison!


If you have questions or need help and assistance on which product is right for you, or which size to choose you can contact Good Dose or visit their website for more information! We hope this inspires you!


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